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Drain Scan have developed a lower impact method of root barrier installation using a slot trenching machine designed and built by Bob Freeborn, specifically for use with the Dendro-Scott root barrier system.

As shown in the photos and videos below, installation of the root barrier material is carried out by digging a narrow trench of 170mm wide up to 4.3 metres in depth.  Where site and soil conditions allow its use, this method substantially reduces site impact and cost of site restoration.

To view a collection of videos showing the digger in action click on the links below.

Chain digger clip 1 - machine running 1

Chain digger clip 2 - change of direction

Chain digger clip 3 -  machine running 2

Chain digger clip 4 - pulling shuttering

Chain digger clip 5 - pumping concrete

Chain digger clip 6 - finished installation

Chain digger clip 7 - trench sheets and jacks

Chain digger clip 8 - filling with concrete

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170mm x 4 metre deep trench

Only minor work is now required to restore area to previous condition
Trench dug ready for Dendro-Scott membrane

Trench lined with Dendro-Scott membrane prior to backfilling with cement

Completed trench

Slot trenching machine designed and built by Bob Freeborn