• CCTV survey using full mains powered system. Continuous on-screen meterage, on-screen titling, full written report and layout sketch, and link to video files. Minimum charge (first 1.5 hours on site):

    General, up to 3 manholes: £385.00 + VAT

    Additional hours thereof: £140.00 + VAT

  • Drain testing: Water or Air Testing for leaks or Smoke Testing (first hour):

    £210.00 + VAT

  • High pressure water jet cleaning of drains up to 4000PSI at 16gpm (per hour):

    Local: £140.00 + VAT

  • Drain radio tracing, with approximate depth indication using transmitting sonde and detector.
  • Trial pit to 1m and auger to 3.0m.

    Through concrete up to 150mm or paving slabs.

  • To excavate up to 1m in depth, cut saddle access for camera and reinstate.

    Through concrete up to 150mm or paving slabs.

  • Soil samples.

    Atterberg limits testing.

  • Set-up and travelling costs apply, if less than three of the above carried out.